Basement Conversion Extension Cyprus

Cyprus Basement Construction Company

We are Cyprus’s leading basement conversion design and build firm. Basement Design, Excavation, Construction, Waterproofing, and Fit-outs are our specialties. In Cyprus, we can handle any basement build or conversion.


We collaborate with RIBA accredited architects who have considerable experience converting basements as well as building modern extensions and additional levels. We collaborate closely with the local Planning Authorities in Cyprus and take satisfaction in securing all licences on time.

Our all-encompassing approach yields the best outcomes that are truly unique, translating your ideas into magnificent settings.

How We Function

We usually plan an on-site visit to better grasp your idea and get a sense of the space we will be altering. We next return to the drawing board and present you with a few of preliminary draught concepts that we are convinced will inspire you to realise your unique vision.

If this sounds interesting to you, please request a free consultation and we will contact you to discuss your idea.

BCA Property Developer in Cyprus can handle all parts of custom basement conversions in Cyprus, including design, excavation of a core base, groundworks, waterproofing, tanking, and under-structure construction, as well as fit-outs and renovations of existing cellars and basements. The whole fit-out phase of your basement conversion project will be handled by our own construction team. The main advantage of using our service is that you may collaborate with a single team of groundwork specialists.

We have a track record of producing remarkable basement substructures by combining our clients’ ideas with our knowledge in the construction of bespoke ground rooms and cellars. Any place can be created or transformed by our in-house team of architectural designers and structural engineers.

We can also work on larger projects such as “mega basements” and “super substructures,” as well as large entertainment rooms, home cinemas, gyms, interactive children’s playrooms, study rooms, swimming pools, and ground floor spa spaces.

Our in-house staff of trained Architectural Designers and excellent Builders can handle any job, big or small.

Our initial step in building your project will be to schedule a free site visit to your home. We will talk about your basement or cellar conversion ideas and prepare a design brief. Our goals are outlined in this brief. We will use our significant expertise and experience to advise you on where the design may need to be changed to maximise the recommended modifications, and we will aim to exceed your expectations.

Once you’ve approved the first design, BCA Property Developer in Cyprus can handle all of the essential plans and paperwork, including submitting the basement or cellar designs as part of the planning application. When necessary, we can also handle all concerns connected to party walls and the Building Control process.

We will function as your agent, so all you have to do is pay the necessary costs and wait for the verdict. We verify that the designs presented for the planning application are sound from a construction standpoint and do not necessitate any major design changes.

Our Design & Build services will be customised to meet your specific requirements, and the project will be delivered and managed by our team of:

• Project supervisors

• Architects and Engineers

• Design professionals

• Quantity Surveyors are a type of quantity surveyor.

• Structural Engineers are professionals who design and build structures.

• Professional builders and Engineers

BCA Property Developer in Cyprus provides a full Design & Build service:

• Architectural Designs

• Development apps

• Building Administration

• Estimated project costs

• Architectural CAD / 3D designs that are detailed

• Building and construction

BCA Property Developer in Cyprus will schedule a site visit to your property to discuss your plans for your new or existing basement / cellar. During our initial visit, we will be pleased to answer any and all of your essential questions. BCA Property Developer in Cyprus provides a comprehensive service that involves submitting detailed and comprehensive blueprints – or we would be pleased to excavate and build your basement project from any existing plans you may have. Within eight days, BCA Property Developer in Cyprus will offer you a quote.

If you require Planning and Design services for your basement conversion project, our in-house Architectural Designers, substructure and groundwork Structural Engineer, and Party Wall Surveyor are available to assist you in visualising your plans and discussing them with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final design. Every step of the process will be explained to you from start to finish. Our main priority is to make our customers happy.

On every job site where we work, health and safety are of the utmost concern. This affects not just our employees, but also everyone else in the vicinity of the construction site, including you, your neighbours, and even passers-by. Because of the nature of our work, there is always the possibility of harm or even death, as ladders, tools, and various materials can be dangerous. Basement conversions, in particular, are technically difficult and can offer a variety of problems, with a substantial proportion of such projects in Cyprus failing safety assessments on a regular basis. Unguarded excavations and unprotected floor openings can pose a major risk to everyone involved. As a result, our employees are expertly taught and will always adhere to all relevant Health & Safety rules and issues.

A simple basement construction technique will assure the success of your project. It will be directed and controlled by our Managing Director, Andi Pepaj, and handled on-site by our Project Managers.
BCA Property Developer in Cyprus has over 17 years of experience in underpinning and basement excavation, resulting in high-quality basement conversions.
Your Project Manager will be on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will be your first point of contact.

Tanking, also known as ‘Type A barrier protection’ (as defined by BS 8102), is a type of waterproofing for underground rooms and under-structures, while it is a general phrase for all types of waterproofing. Tanking, in its most literal definition, involves keeping water out of a structure by using a barrier product that is installed internally, sandwiched within, or applied externally to the structure. Tanking is still commonly used and deployed in the building industry, but its popularity has fallen in recent years, particularly where retrofit protection is required for existing basements.

Waterproofing is a critical feature of basement and cellar conversion, especially as the UK receives a lot of rain each year. A lack of waterproofing will eventually result in wetness on the walls, which does not look good. Furthermore, the ensuing odours can be hazardous to one’s health and inflict severe damage to painting and plaster. Worse, wet can cause breathing problems and other health problems, therefore it should be avoided at all costs.
BCA Property Developer in Cyprus has had tremendous success in waterproofing with Delta Membrane Systems and pumps throughout the years. The Delta sealed method for basement waterproofing ensures that all membranes, as well as any protrusions or fissures, are expertly sealed and fastened. Delta Systems are quite effective in coping with severe water conditions, particularly in basements prone to flooding. All Delta membrane systems come with a 30-year warranty.

Our construction crew is ready to make the underground rooms or basement space you’ve always wanted a reality. Our hardworking and knowledgeable tradespeople will work relentlessly to complete your project on time and with no stone unturned. Our goal is for you to be entirely satisfied with the work, and we will only sign off on the project once we have received your approval.

To safeguard you and our builders, BCA Property Developer in Cyprus carries public liability insurance as well as an all-risks policy. All structural work is covered by a 15-year warranty from BCA Property Developer in Cyprus Ltd.
BCA Property Developer in Cyprus has an amazing reputation for being basement conversion specialists, dedicated to building state-of-the-art rooms with flawless attention to detail, having completed hundreds of basement and cellar extension projects to date.

A Building Inspector will visit at various phases of the project to ensure that we are following all of the most recent substructure and groundwork building regulations. After the work is completed, the Building Inspector will do a final inspection and award you with a Completion Certificate.

Gas Safety Certificate, Electrical Sign Off Certificate, Drainage Layout, Plans as Built Drawings, Appliance Manufacturers’ Instructions, Appliance Manufacturers’ Guarantees, 10-Year Structural Guarantee