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Builders of Luxury House Refurbishment in Cyprus

BCA Property Developer is a reputable house renovation firm in Cyprus. We have been renovating apartments and houses in Cyprus for over 15 years. We offer home improvement and refurbishment services. The service involves complete property remodelling as well as the installation of new kitchens and bathrooms.

Our House Refurbishment Services

Home of a remodelling

If you wish to renovate your complete house, our skilled team of house renovation specialists can refurbish the interiors throughout the property. Our professional builders can alter the layout of your rooms by making structural improvements and extending your home. Whether it is through loft conversions or house extensions.

Renovation of the Kitchen

If you’re sick of your old kitchen, our professional renovation specialists can install a whole new one. If your kitchen is structurally intact and of high quality, our painters and decorators can bring it back to life by painting the cabinets and replacing the countertops.

Bathroom Renovations

Do you intend to renovate a property? You can make improvements to your current bathroom. Creating an accessible wetroom or a lavish spa-like room. Our skilled tilers, licenced plumbers, and experienced bathroom fitters can assist you in making your vision a reality.

Our Home Refurbishment Method

Do you need to renovate your refurbishment? You can schedule a no-obligation consultation. A member of our Cyprus house renovations team will come to your home. Discuss the scope of the renovation as well as your needs. Based on our years of experience in home refurbishment, we will give you with an estimate.

Professional assistance and ideas will be provided by one of our architects or interior designers. They will assist you in resolving the layout of your property and designing the greatest interiors to complement your personality and showcase your taste.

Our house renovation professionals will refurbish or remodel any space to assist you in creating your ideal home. If your home is not large enough to accommodate the luxurious new kitchen you desire, our home extension Cyprus builders can extend the back or side of your property, providing you with more space to change the kitchen layout.

A appropriate space-saving solution is the foundation of a well-executed renovation, which is why we also offer our clients custom joinery services if required. Our joiners can build custom-made fitted closets and shelving units to save you significant space in your home.

Finally, to complete the home renovation, our skilled electrical engineer can install the most up-to-date home automation system throughout your house. Allowing you to operate your heating systems, lighting, curtains, and other appliances from a distance, saving you time and effort.

We place a high value on quality, speed, and flawless implementation of tasks. For all property renovation work conducted by us, we offer a two-year warranty to our consumers. If you are going to renovate your Cyprus house or perform a flat refurbishment project and are seeking for a trusted, dependable crew that assures extraordinarily well-done work, look no further. Make use of the high-quality services provided by our home renovation experts.

Because our Cyprus renovation builders perform every job to the greatest standards, our clients are glad to suggest our building services.

HOUSE RENOVATION Cyprus BCA Property Developer in Cyprus are luxury home renovation professionals – a team of highly competent architects, interior designers, builders, and craftsmen all dedicated to ensuring that your home becomes every inch of the dream home you seek. If your project entails a flat or house renovation in Cyprus and you’re searching for a team with an eye for detail, a passion for precision, and a dedication to quality of finish, then contact us now for your refurbishment needs.

You’ve worked your entire life to get here… the home you’ve discovered or reside in is ideal for its location, scale, features, or outlook, but it still needs work to become the dream home you envisioned it could be. Property renovation work is going on everywhere in Cyprus — space is at a premium and moving is expensive, so that’s where a refurbishment firm like ours comes in. BCA Property Developer in Cyprus is a Cyprus refurbishment specialist – we understand the city market and the needs of a specific sort of clients who have trusted us to design and decorate their houses for more than a decade.



Open-plan living, an entertainment-styled home, a new interest in wine or fine art, or changing family demands can all ignite a desire and urgency for home refurbishment.

Older homes may have character, but often leak heat, necessitating extra heating. Reduce your energy use and usher in the twenty-first century with an eco-friendly home renovation.

Whether your family is growing with a new addition, contracting as children leave the nest, or you need more living space for visitors, most house renovations are driven by family.

If your home is starting to seem outdated or worn out, or if its style needs to be updated, it may be time to consider a refurbishment or remodelling project.


Working with what you currently have to make it better may be part of a home renovation. It may entail removing walls or expanding your home through a loft conversion, house extension, or the construction of a new basement level or cellar. BCA Home Developer in Cyprus is your Cyprus refurbishment professional, no matter what your goals or property dreams are.


Each client has their own vision and desire for their home. Our role is to shape our team and refurbishment service around this one-of-a-kind expectation, ensuring that we can deliver on our commitments regardless of the aspiration. The cost of such a project is determined by a variety of factors. There is no one-size-fits-all charge, but we can guarantee honesty in our pricing, clarity in our quote detail, and a commitment to completing every refurbishment job on time and within budget.

We Design Exceptional Living Environments.
We recognise the value of a beautiful home and the role it plays in our pleasure and wellbeing, which is why we work relentlessly to reach the greatest standards for you, your home, and the world.

We can design, build, and manage the entire process to help you create a better version of your home, whether you want to refurbish one or two rooms or entirely renovate your property. We also collaborate with estate agents and clients wishing to sell or rent their house, as well as insurance companies to restore properties following flood or fire damage.

We can handle your project from start to finish since we have a full-time workforce of qualified tradespeople on staff, including carpenters, joiners, plumbers, tilers, electricians, and decorators. Our devoted team of customer service coordinators, project managers, and surveyors assists them.

BCA Property Developer in Cyprus has conducted numerous renovations and home modifications in Cyprus. Our attention and determination are entirely focused on you, the client. Your happiness is what drives us and inspires us to design and renovate the most beautiful spaces.

You may be confident that your home renovation will grab your heart with your vision and our skills.

If you are looking for home upgrades in Cyprus, BCA Property Developer is the best option. We not only handle entire house renovations, house extensions, and loft conversions, but we also install brand new kitchens and bathrooms. We can also handle smaller work like painting and decorating, tiling, and plastering.

We do entire house renovations and remodels.
BCA Property Developer in Cyprus can handle all part of your property renovation, from a bedroom conversion, a bathroom and kitchen bedroom conversion, or a bathroom and kitchen remodelling, to the restoration and upgrading of a historic property’s interior design. We can provide you the luxury of having control over the upgrading and refitting of your property because we have both an Architectural Designer and a superb Builder on our skilled team.

We can entirely renovate your living space whether you have just purchased a home or need to freshen up your main dwelling. We can also perform any conversion or extension work on your property to boost capacity. BCA Property Developer in Cyprus is experienced not only in structurally altering and transforming your property, but also in executing the details required to achieve an impactful finish.

Our Architectural Designer’s ideas and viewpoints will give you with a creative method to carrying out your dream bedroom renovation. Because of the attention and workmanship displayed by our construction team, you can design an environment that is suitable to rest and relaxation.

For the modern homeowner, the kitchen is not only the focus of culinary activity in the home, but also a place to entertain visitors and even indulge in fine dining. Cyprus property owners have always desired kitchen rooms that are designed to a high design while being manageable and practical for the rigours of everyday use. Our smartly designed kitchen solutions are not only structurally robust, but they also use the greatest materials and appliances for an exceptional finish.

We offer the best in bathroom design, with a long-lasting finish that goes beyond the sheen of clean, clinical surfaces. With a passion for putting together well-engineered systems, our plumbing and heating professionals and electricians will guarantee that the refurbished space is wonderfully customised and created for its intimate purpose, whether it is a custom spa, a wet room, a bathroom, or an en suite.

We offer the best in bathroom design with a long-lasting finish that goes beyond the glitter of clean clinical surfaces. With a passion for putting together well-engineered systems, our plumbing and heating specialists and electricians will ensure that your bathroom, whether custom spa, wet room, bathroom, or en suite, will be tastefully designed and suitable to accomplish its intimate purpose.

Because of our expert interior fitting, joinery, and carpentry, you will have a completely unique place decked out and decorated with eye-catching handcrafted refinements of beauty. We have all of the essential experience to completely transform your house.

Because of our expert interior fitting, joinery, and carpentry, you will have a truly one-of-a-kind place decked and decorated with eye-catching handcrafted nuances of flair. We have all of the essential experience to completely renovate your property.

A well-planned renovation is a low-cost option to increase usable floor space while also increasing the value of your home, both economically and as a place to live. To make the most of your investment and plan your house renovation efficiently, experience and flair must be matched with precise construction knowledge and creative design concepts, as well as a complete understanding of your demands.

BCA Property Developer in Cyprus will meet with you to discuss your house renovation needs and ideas in order to create a design brief. This short then defines our goal. We will advise you on any minor design adjustments that may be necessary to maximise the benefits of what you are proposing to do, based on our knowledge and experience. We shall then make every effort to exceed your expectations.

If necessary, BCA Property Developer in Cyprus may handle submitting the plans and house extension designs required for a planning application and building control application after the first design. We will function as your agent, so all you have to do is wait for the outcome of the planning application. To prevent having to make significant changes to the design, we ensure that the designs that support the planning application are solid in terms of construction principles.

If you require a home renovation professional or a house extension in Cyprus, BCA Property Developer’s team of experienced specialists can deliver a high-quality renovation service.



Do you have any queries about our Cyprus renovation and home renovation services? Or would you like to get a free consultation and quote? Please contact us right away!

If you are renovating to sell your home, you should avoid large-scale remodelling because home purchasers typically like to make the new house ‘their own’ by redecorating it to match their personalities. As a result, a few coats of white or light grey paint may be all that is required to make the house look clean and fresh. If you don’t plan on moving very soon, installing a new kitchen is usually the best long-term investment.

Again, this will be determined by the scope of the project and the quality of the finished product. A three-bedroom house’s cosmetic renovations, such as painting and decorating, will take a few weeks, whereas a full home refurbishment, such as changing the flooring, replacing the kitchen, and tiling and refitting the bathrooms, may take several months.

It is determined by a variety of criteria, including the size of the property and the level of finish desired. A Howdens kitchen, for example, may cost three thousand pounds, whilst a bespoke hand painted shaker kitchen may cost thirty thousand pounds. When it comes to house renovations, the average cost of painting a room in Cyprus is roughly €450, however this will vary greatly depending on the quality of the finish.

Home remodelling is another term for house renovation, and it refers to the process of enhancing or updating the house interiors, frequently considerably changing the plan and appearance of the property. Kitchen extensions are one of the most common types of home renovation projects in Cyprus.

Home refurbishment, like the process of refurbishing an equipment, entails cleaning, repairing, painting, and decorating to make the interiors appear like new again.